The Street corner education excursion to Hopeland center






Catholic Action for Street children(CAS) is a Ghanaian charity which advises and educate children from the street in Accra-Ghana.

Three different kind of children can be found on the streets:

1. Children who have migrated from the rural areas of the country to the city.

2. Children who are born on the streets. (second and third generation children).

3. Urban poor children. Children of poor families who are in the streets.


CAS have five departments and most children follow the step-by-step approach designed by CAS.

Step 1. Street work.

Step 2. House of Refuge- Education.

Step 3. Demonstration of skills and trades.

Step 4. Hopeland Centre at Adjei Kojo.

Step 5. Either short (one and half years) sponsorship or
              Long Sponsorship (three years).


The Nuncio of Ghana, Most Rev. Jean Marie Speich paid a visit to CAS

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